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Zeta Far Infrared And Cold Pack Cover


Universal Hot/Cold Pack Cover

Designed to fit the Zeta Far Infrared and Cold Pack and help protect the user from burning the skin. This cover is also used to attach the hot/cold pack to any part of the body with velcro straps.


Use this Universal Hot/Cold Pack to relieve stiffness, knotted muscles, tightness & inflammation. Simply apply to the injured area for long-lasting relief, address back strain, & flexible enough for pain relief for the neck, shoulders, joints & cramps, etc. You will find this essential, reusable, trusted & for fast relief anytime, anywhere. Its 20-30 minutes cycle of therapy is laboratory tested, safe for all ages & provides far infrared therapy, stress relief, hand strengthening & more. So, just place it in a microwave for 2 minutes for heating or on a stove top & use it conveniently. To chill, just place it in the freezer.


Carefully read all instructions & warnings before use as improper use may cause injury.

  • Keep this Universal Hot/Cold Cover Pack out of children’s reach.
  • People with certain diseases such as circulatory problems, diabetes, nerve damage, paralysis, or sensitive skin should not use it.
  • Can be used for external use only.
  • Before applying this pack, use a sleeve or towel.
  • Do not puncture, tear or bite the Zeta pack.
  • Protect yourself from excessive heating otherwise that can cause skin burns, pack deterioration, & possible leakage.
  • Simply, wait a few minutes before applying a cold compress to the skin & never take cold therapy longer than 30 minutes at a time.
  • Do not use over sensitive skin areas or skin. Also avoid usage of Analgesic products with Zeta packs such as sports cream, balms, liniments, or lotions.
  • Last but not the least, Zeta Packs contain Non-Toxic materials. If contents of the Zeta Pack contact eyes, skin, or clothing, flush with warm water. If any redness or irritation persists, consult a physician. If contents are swallowed, take one or two glasses of water & induce vomiting & consult a physician.


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