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Elbow Wand


Are you suffering from tennis elbow or golfers elbow?  These are conditions caused by the overuse of the muscles present in the forearm. People with these conditions usually cannot lift heavy objects or even softly shake hands without wincing.

With an innovative new treatment called the Elbow Wand, which emits high-energy far-infrared and targeted ultrasound to the injured area, the healing process begins.



Why you need one:

Easy to use

Slowly massage the affected area with the Elbow Wand. Frequent use offers exceptional results.

An innovative approach

The Elbow Wand is a ground-breaking treatment option that penetrates deep into the tissue to help relieve tennis elbow and golfers elbow.

Use in the comfort of your home.

Use the Elbow Wand in the comfort of your home and reduce the discomfort associated with tennis or golfer’s elbow with regular use.

Cost-effective solution

The Elbow Wand is an inexpensive way to treat sore elbows.  It can often allow the avoidance of costly surgical procedures.

Partial pain relief is normally experienced immediately. There is no specific recovery time where patients get on with their daily routine between the treatments but often, permanent results are expected 6 to 12 weeks after the first use.

A treatment session usually involves 3 to 5 sessions a week, each lasting 15 minutes based on the severity of the condition.

While resting, Elbow Wand Jelly is applied.  Then, the hand-held machine is rubbed over the injured area.  It’s quick, easy and fast.


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