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Press Acupressure Points to Overcome Your Depression and Anxiety

Acupressure is old recuperating art that depends on the customary Chinese medication practice of needle therapy. With acupressure, you put focus on meridian points on your body. These spots are called acupoints or acupressure points. Pressing these points can help discharge muscle pressure and advance blood course. It can likewise calm numerous common symptoms of chemotherapy. It is a compelling method to escape your depression and anxiety problems. Several points in your body can assist you with disposing of such issues by giving the correct pressing factor.

In the present article, you can figure out how to do acupressure on yourself to reduce stress and anxiety.

Press Points for Acupressure To Reduce Depression:

  1. HEART 7 (HT-7) “SPIRIT GATE.”

Find this point on the crease of your internal wrist towards the ulnar side. Feel for an empty spot at the bottom of the pisiform bone. HT7 is frequently used to reinforce the heart and maintain qi and blood. This pressing factor point is additionally known to settle tension/troubling feelings and calm the brain. It assists with rest unsettling influences and passionate pressure, discharges snugness in the chest, and even guides with heart palpitations. It is the best pressure point for acupuncture for depression.

  1. NEIGUAN (PC6)

To locate this point to get the grounding acupressure treatment at home, determine the middle of your wrist. It is about two finger widths below the palm. Now, use your thumb and forefinger to press the located location for 2-3 minutes. Repeat it for your other wrist. It works as one of the best natural remedies for anxiety and depression.


You can locate these acupressure points right at the center of your chest, midway between the center of your sternum.

This acupressure point is likewise known as the influential point of Qi. Qi gets stuck due to stress and irregularities in life. It can relax your chest and release your diaphragm.


You can find this point between the eyebrows. The pressure factor point quiets the soul and offers some relief from passionate restlessness and uneasiness. It is likewise known to advance profound unwinding and even assists with a sleeping disorder! It is additionally extraordinary at calming migraines and work as natural remedies for anxiety and depression.

Use Grounding Acupressure Probe to Give Right Pressure to your Acupressure Points:

The device can help you overcome your depression and anxiety by putting the right pressure on your acupressure points.

With this one little gadget, you can encounter the advantages of both Grounding and Acupressure from the solace of home without venturing outdoors! It moves the energy from the ground to your body through meridian points that identify with explicit organs or frameworks. It intends to permit overabundance voltage from the body to escape through these meridian points! This development of energy gives incitement to meridian points normally got from the body and Earth to revive, renew, and restore with every use. The Acupressure Probe likewise fills in as an establishing device permitting you to encounter every one of the advantages of Grounding without removing your shoes.

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