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Know Acupressure Meridian Points To Overcome Headache & Pain

Know Acupressure Meridian Points To Overcome Headache & Pain

Acupressure is an old healing pain and stress discarding therapy or art that depends on the common Chinese practice of needle therapy or acupuncture. With acupressure, you put focus on explicit spots on your body. These spots are called acupoints or Grounding meridian points. Pressing these focuses can help discharge muscle strain and advance blood flow. It can likewise diminish numerous normal side effects of chemotherapy.

You can do grounding acupressure treatment at home by utilizing your fingers to apply strain to various acupoints. Otherwise, you can also use a grounding acupressure probe for pressing the right points. And you can apply the right pressure. The device puts the right pressure and helps in relieving your stress in an effective manner. Besides that, several acupressure points can help you with discarding your headaches and migraines. We have listed some of those so that you can get the acupressure treatment at home.

Shoulder well

You can find out the shoulder well pressure point about halfway between the shoulder joint and the base of the neck.

To pressurize this point, you can use your index and middle fingers of the opposite hand to apply firm but soft pressure to this point. Make sure to do likewise on the contrary side. Initiating the shoulder well-pressing factor point for acupressure for headache may help calm stiff or strained shoulder and neck muscles. It could help ease pressure headaches.

Union valley:

An individual will track down the union valley or hegu pressure point on the running loose skin between the thumb and forefinger.

Press this pressing meridian point between the thumb and forefinger of the contrary hand. Either hold this pressure point or back rub it by moving the thumb in little circles. Rehash this cycle on the contrary hand.

Gates of consciousness:

These grounding meridian points are present at empty spaces on either side of the spine. That means it is present just beneath the base of the skull. Pressurize these focuses with the record and center fingers of two hands. Interlock the fingers behind the head. And then press the thumbs into the empty spaces at the foundation of the skull.

Rubbing the Gates of consciousness pressure focuses may likewise help diminish neck torment.

Third eye:

Individuals can track down the third eye pressure point between their eyebrows. Animate the third eye pressure point by applying a steady pressing factor or tenderly kneading in a round movement.

Tools to Apply Pressure to Grounding Acupressure points of your body:

Grounding Acupressure Probe:

With the Grounding Acupressure Probe of Zeta technology group, you can get the best acupressure therapy by remaining at home. It is one simple to utilize the gadget. It is safe for all and requires no uncommon expertise to discover/treat different objective meridian focuses all through the body.

  • Suitable for every single level client—novice through proficient
  • Protected and simple to utilize
  • No power required- utilizes common energy from the body and earth
  • Alleviation for an assortment of infirmities and conditions
  • Moves quantifiable energy to the body from the earth

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