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How Beneficial is an Acupressure Treatment for a Person?

Acupressure Treatment

Acupressure Treatment: A Safe Alternative Therapy

Generally termed as a safe and gentle alternative therapy or procedure that is performed to soothe the symptoms from many common ailments & conditions. Unlike some other western medicines or techniques, it is free from any kind of intrusive techniques. Patients who have gone through this acupressure treatment procedure have described how effective the results are for pain relief, reducing stress, anxiety and enjoying a greater sense of well-being.

An application involving the manual pressure to specific body points by the skilled practitioner!

Remember acupressure and acupuncture are two different words. The latter one involves needles to puncture some specific points for relief while the former involves adding pressure by using the palm or elbow on the same points, without any needles.

A Brief About Acupuncture & its Benefits

A touch therapy that makes use of the principles of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, while running on the principle of pressure. It is based on the concept of light energy that flows through meridians in the body, as per traditional Chinese medicine. You can consider it a method of sending a signal to the body. Acupressure works when there is a block in its daily function or the whole body process goes off track. This can lead to severe health conditions and symptoms, and to prevent this, the practitioner applies pressure to the acupressure points to relieve the symptoms.

Uses of Acupressure

For all those who have gone for acupressure treatment for the first time to manage the symptoms, they are found to be suffering from the following condition:

  • Insomnia
  • Headache
  • Cancer related fatigue or other fatigue form
  • Motion Sickness
  • Muscle Pain & tension
  • Managing stress
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Nausea or vomit after surgery or during pregnancy
  • Morning sickness

Benefits of Acupressure Massage

Acupressure is effective and those who have tried it very well know about the assets. According to studies, acupressure has been seen as effective in reducing the intensity of pain in patients as compared to those who have not undergone it.

The therapy arouses the body’s circulation, lymphatic and hormonal systems. What more you can expect from it is relief in the stress and anxiety issues, enhancement in sleep, and making the muscles & joints relaxed. It also helps in regulating digestive issues, reducing headaches & migraine issues, and can also help in treating back pains or menstrual cramps. A possibility is that you may get relief from one session but multiple may also be required multiple, which totally depends on the severity of the condition.

You may also get relief from nausea and vomiting associated with the chemotherapy session, as per the reports. However, the sessions will vary for every case.

What Conditions Get Treated?

The list is long! Some of the conditions that can be benefited from acupressure include back pain, headache, anxiety, fatigue, stress and strain, melancholy feelings, and the immune system’s lack. According to studies, certain types of pain are associated with feelings of anxiety and worry.

While the therapy is not particularized to any age factor, people having high blood pressure and pregnant women are advised to avoid these acupressure massage sessions. Moreover, the therapy can’t be used to cure open wounds, scars, tissues, or any area of inflammation or swelling.

Going For a Typical Acupressure Session

Often, acupressure is conducted by an acupuncturist, but can also be self-conducted. Consulting an acupuncturist is still the best option to consider while going for a session and it is done by using thumb, finger, or knuckle for applying pressure on a point. The pressure will get increased for about 30 seconds, held firmly for 2 minutes, and then decreed to 30 seconds. The session will get repeated 3-5 times.

You can go to acupressure for headache relief, joint pain, back pain, or any other health conditions. This will never be painful and benefits your skin and hair too. The reduced blood circulation due to stressful life will get stimulated by acupressure and help in bringing oxygen and fresh blood to the body areas.

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