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The Foot Wand

Most people encounter foot discomfort at some point in their lives. The Foot Wand is designed to reduce foot pain related to muscles, tendons or joints. The most common applications include heel pain, sesamoiditis, plantar fasciitis, and so on.

Combining Ultrasound And Far-Infrared Heat

The foot wand is considered the best at-home remedy for foot pain and swelling on the market. This new, effective approach to lessen foot pain is safe, cost-effective and fast. This foot pain relief device emits with ultrasound and far-infrared heat (soft heat) that penetrates deep into the tissue, hitting the tendons and joints. Although you won’t feel high temperature, the heat is much deeper penetrating than regular heat to provide fast results.

The foot pain relief wand comes with a special cooling foot wand jelly that makes the ultrasound work better and a few gel patches that will make you feel amazing after the treatment.

The Ultimate Solution To Foot Pain Relief At Home

Foot pain affects millions of people worldwide. According to studies, a staggering seventy-seven percent of adults have experienced foot pain at least once in their lives.

The Foot Wand was engineered specifically to target foot pain, combining soft Far-Infrared heat with Ultrasound waves to deliver fast, lasting relief. Unlike a standard heating pack that barely penetrates the surface, this home remedies for heel pain travels deep to target the root of the pain. The strong and calibrated depth of penetration offers relief from various symptoms and treats conditions like Sesamoiditis, Tendonitis, Gout, and more.

No matter the cause of your pain, when massaged regularly with the Foot Wand- the best home remedies for heel pain, you will experience the difference a professional-grade foot treatment can make.

If you are suffering from excessive foot pain for any reason, the Foot Wand will do wonders for you. Place your order today!!

Easy To Use

Rub the foot pain relief device back and forth over the affected area for 15-20 minutes after applying the jelly. Regular use of the device will provide you with exceptional results.

An Innovative Approach

Foot wand is an innovative treatment option to cure foot pain, Sesamoiditis, Tendonitis, Gout, and more as it penetrates deep into the tissues to give you relief.

Use In The Comfort Of Your Home

Use this revolutionary home remedies for foot pain and swelling and get rid of the foot pain and discomfort with its regular use.

Cost-Effective Solution

This heel pain relief wand is a cost-effective way to treat foot pain and discomfort while eliminating the need to spend dollars on costly surgical procedures.

Steps To Use The Foot Wand

  • Apply the oil/jelly over the affected foot.
  • Turn the wand’s power on and set it for pulsed waves
    (top green light from the top).
  • Rub the oscillating probe (flat metal disc) in a circulator motion on all
    sides of your foot, including the top.
  • Focus on all the areas that tend to be more sensitive.
    You should apply light pressure when rubbing.
  • Repeat the process no more than two cycles per session (total of 30 minutes)
    and reapply oil/jelly as needed throughout the process as the jelly
    tends to dry out as you use it.
  • After completing the session, wash off any oil/jelly residue and dry your
  • Apply a Zgel patch over the most sensitive area for 5 minutes or longer.
    Place the Zgel patch back on a clear film as it can be reused a few times.
  • You will notice an improvement after each session.
  • Don’t forget to unplug the machine in between sessions.
  • Clean your skin and machine after each use.