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How can Zeta Insoles help with Diabetic Neuropathy?

Zeta Insoles are fantastic for applying a very mild massage, very light acupressure to all of the meridian points on the bottom of the feet, and amazing for increasing capillary blood flow in the feet.


Can I wear zeta insoles for sore feet?

Absolutely! You don’t need to suffer from serious medical problems to benefit from Zeta Insoles. These insoles are amazing for relaxing your sore, tired feet!


How Are zeta insoles different from other insoles on the market?

Zeta Insoles are designed and patented for maximum acupressure stimulation coverage. They are also designed with enough integrity to last years! Zeta Insoles are the only relexology insoles of this type on the market.


Are Zeta Insoles a Medical Device?

Zeta Insoles are considered a class 1 medical device by the FDA.



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How Long should I wear my zeta insoles? all-day or only for a short while?

Wear your Zeta Insoles as long as they are comfortable and no longer. Some people wear their Zeta Insoles all day, every day. Others wear their Zeta Insoles only in their slippers at night. If your feet ever feel sore while wearing the zeta insoles, simply remove them and place them back in your shoes later. Many tender-footed users will wear thicker socks to make the product more comfortable for a longer period of time.


How do I order my size?

Zeta Insoles are delivered in one size. There is a sizing chart included in the packaging. Just trim with a pair of kitchen scissors.


Should I replace my current insoles with the zeta insoles or place the zeta insoles on top?

Zeta Insoles are very thin and were designed to be placed on top of the insoles that come with your shoes. Do not remove the original insole.