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Can A Precisely Located Micro Current (created by Grounding) Stimulate A Meridian Point?

Meridians and Acupoint

Meridians in TCM constitute a network of channels which connect the surface with inner organs. The eye does not even see these channels. There are points along each meridian that can impact the movement of energy, or Qi, throughout the body if stimulated with microcurrent therapy, or acupuncture. Such points are known in TCM as acupoints. The aim is to bring your body’s energy into balance and harmony when using microcurrent therapy to stimulate the meridian. It was thought that the disease was caused by an energy blockage along those channels. Along each meridian, there are certain points that can affect the motion of energy if stimulated. They are used to balance the body’s energies and to restore wellness in acupuncture and acupressure.
Acupuncture has historically been developed to promote wellbeing and alleviate inflammation and pain. Acupuncture has been shown to help heal traumatic injuries by connecting with the normal bioelectric stimuli of the body. Many people feel distressed with needles, making this procedure unattractive to everyone.
Now, the same results can be obtained with a needless preference: grounding acupressure, which is carried out with the aid of microcurrent therapy.

The Scientific Basis for Meridian Medicine

A subsequent work by Dr Nakatani of the University of Kyoto showed a connection between the changes in bioelectric current and disease in the body in the mid-20th century. This research contributed to the discovery and treatment of Ryodoraku’s now popular theory of acupuncture by low level electrical stimulation of acupuncture points.
In 2002, a study carried out by the University of Vermont Dr. Helene Langevin shows that the 12 major meridians associate with the physical structures of the body. They found that interstitial tissue networks found around the whole-body act as pathways for bioelectric signals.
These signals serve as a messenger between the brain and the body. The interstitial connective tissue occurs in large overlaps between the acupoints of TCM and the tissue planes.
The substance of the ground polyelectrolyte spans the entire body. Glycosaminoglycans can store electrons in the charged groups. In the underground individual this charge is depleted with electrons by the “reservoirs” of the connective tissue ground. Electrons are continuously used in all cells and tissues in these reservoirs to neutralize reactive oxygen species generated during metabolism and other oxidative process.
The body is eventually “electron depleted.” without grounding. Once the body interacts with the ground, the reserves of charge in the connective tissue are filled with electrons. This is regarded as an inflammatory protection. Injuries to every part of the body are made immediately accessible to stored electrons in pools of surface substances, and this will protect healthy tissue. Another big benefit reported benefit of Grounding with acupressure is increased blood flow.
Zeta’s potential is the negative charge strength of the red blood cell surface, which maintains the spacing of the cells from the bloodstream. The greater the charge, the greater the capacity of the cells to reject each other, the lower the viscosity of the blood and the stronger the flow.
Microcurrent stimulation of acupoints has shown to help relieve inflammation and pain, as well as to treat traumatic injuries by communicating with natural bioelectric signals in the body.

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