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ZTG is the inventor of economical solutions and specializes in far-infrared technology that helps in promoting relief from different aches and conditions.


There is a new device introduced by ZTG as Earthing Acupressure Probe that packs the power of earthing and acupressure with a small device. The product gives the benefits of both with the home comfort and you don’t have to step outdoors.


Earthing Acupressure Probe offers an escape from the expensive in-office treatments and works as a base tool to give you the experience of both without stepping outwards or taking off your shoes.


The new device is introduced to allow excess voltage from the body to get an escape through the meridian points that relate to specific organs or systems. It is very easy to use and completely safe for beginners as well as professionals. A patient can get relief from a variety of illnesses and conditions.


A natural approach that makes you feel better naturally without the need for any special training or skill for use. It moves positive energy from earth to body and is considered a safe and effective alternative to expensive and invasive treatment.